All about DJ’s

by | Oct 19, 2011 | Arts and Entertainment

A DJ, though a happening profession is not all that simple. DJ’s are Disc Jockey’s who burn the dance floor with the way they mix tracks and make music out of it. Mixing tracks may sound like an easy task but is not all that easy. These are a few points all DJ’s should know to be able to sustain the position that they are in. 

Mixing, an easy term yet so difficult. This is an essential skill a good DJ is born with. This enables you to weave magic on the dance floor. Mixing is a skill that helps create a connect with the audiences. Learning how to mix is easy once you have a set of decks.

Buying good quality equipment, a good habit a DJ must cultivate. With the growth of technology there are three basic platforms that a DJ can use to operate. CDs and Digital are the ones which are most popular today. Whatever option you go for I want to encourage you to use the best equipment in that arena. Avoid buying cheap equipment, which will eventually fail and will also lack the functionality that can turn a good set into an outstanding one.

Know all about your music, this will help you to work out high standard playlists. It’s really necessary for a DJ to know every track that he is playing. The BPM, beats per minute of each track and the potential mix points. Knowing the music will help you figure out several tracks that could mix really well.

These few steps are the key to success for all the budding as well as present DJ’s. Having bought the best equipment, knowing your music and mixing it well you will be able to put the dance floor on fire.



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