Direct Response Radio Advertising: 7 Tips for Turning Listeners Into Profit

by | Nov 24, 2014 | General

Radio advertising is a powerful tool when it comes to your direct marketing strategy. It is an advertising tool that many products and services can utilize to turn advertising into real profit. If you are considering using direct response radio advertising, you’ll want to read these 7 tips to convert radio listeners into actual customers or clients.

Ways to Convert Radio Listeners Into Customers

1. Consider station format – music vs. talk radio?

Demographics for music-based radio stations and talk-based radio stations are different. They also differ in response rates and return on investments (ROI). It is important to identify and understand your demographic as well as the type of programming they engage in. On average, talk shows, sports, news, and Christian stations have the best advertising results.

2. Keep in mind your product or service.

Your product or service category will determine the best strategy to use when integrating direct response radio advertising into your marketing mix. In addition, some product and service categories receive higher response rates than others. Some of these categories are health and beauty, technology, business supplies and services, and investment and financial services.

3. Think about your placement.

Another critical factor to generate the best advertising results is whether your ad plays at the beginning of the break or at the end. Typically, ads that run at the beginning of the break generate the best response. Ad spots at the end of the break have a decreased chance of being heard.

4. Make your contact information memorable and prominent.

Remember, your ad should clearly state ways to contact you and most companies choose to do it at the end of the ad. Also consider getting a memorable toll-free number like 1-800-DENTIST. It’s easy to remember and it sticks out in your memory.

5. Inquire about a live ad option.

Another way to increase your direct response radio advertising rates is to use the voice of the radio station’s well known on air personality.  They can make the sales pitch and listeners are more prone to listen if the radio personality creates the ad or even endorses the product or service.

6. Start your ad with music.

If you are running an ad on a music radio station, then you should create an ad that starts with music. Opening the ad up with music then transitioning to the ad copy will not send the message that “this is an ad coming up next.” By doing so, you won’t break up the flow of music and people won’t automatically flip the station.

7. Use the power of text messaging.

During the ad, tell your listeners to text a specific number and then an automatic response will text them your company information in return. You can also offer a promotional code for a discount on products or services if they text the number.

A good radio-advertising agency can create an effective ad, use the right copy, identify proper placement of the ad, and research the right radio stations for your product or service. This will make sure you increase the opportunity to turn a radio listener into profit for your business.

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