Punk Music

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Punk music or hardcore punk or just hardcore are aliases of the same style of music which is known to have actually rocked the music scene all around the world. Regarded as much heavier than punk rock and roll, this music style was extremely popular in the early 80s in the US and UK. Classic hardcore has not achieved as much success as the sub genres and fusion of this form of music.

Influence of Punk music on other genres:
Punk music enjoyed a huge influence on other styles of music like electronic rock, alternative rock, EMO, metal and thrash core and post hardcore. All of these had independent bands which played music related to these fusion styles and worked on more improvisation in their method.

Listed below are some fusion sub genres along with their solo artists and bands who contributed considerably.

Alternative rock is a fusion style in which we get to listen to rock music and hardcore punk. Popular bands are Minuteman, The Replacements, and Meat Puppets.

Electronic digital music is a musical combination of techno, hardcore punk and electronic music.
Nintendo core is a blend of hardcore punk showered with music for cheap tunes and video games.

Post-hardcore and EMO are fusion styles in which the genre of music is developed from heavy metal and rock use and mere screaming. Popular musical bands are Naked Raygun, Big Black, Nation of Ulysses and Rites of Spring.

Metal artists and band members evolved the Punk music to a completely new height by including heavier hardcore elements into it. Renowned bands are Slayer, Metallica, and Suicidal Tendencies etc.

Thrash-core includes crossover thrash and is recognized by the use of blast beats.

punk music

punk music

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