Reasons to Choose Justice of the Peace Weddings

by | May 8, 2015 | Event

Getting married? There are so many decisions to make in planning that perfect day. There’s a very important one you must make related to your vows: who will legally wed you. For some, choosing a religious leader such as a minister or a rabbi is the choice to make. But others prefer justice of the peace weddings.

Good for Interfaith Couples

If you are an interfaith couple but consider yourselves to be non-religious, then getting married by a justice of the peace could be a good choice for you. You will be legally married without a religious leader from either of your affiliations. This also will avoid uncomfortable discussions from either side of your families about which religion you will be choosing for the wedding. You can explain that you will be having a justice of the peace instead. As many people select this, it will end any further discussion.

Choose When One of You is Active Military

If your soon-to-be spouse is about to be sent overseas for active duty military work, then you simply do not have the time to plan a fancy and elaborate wedding. You want to start your life together as many and wife before you are apart for a long time. Choosing justice of the peace weddings gives you that option. This type of wedding can be planned simply and with minimal fuss. Remember you can still have a celebration: many decide to have a lunch or dinner with family once they have exchanged vows.

When Your Budget is Tight

Many couples stating out simply don’t have the extra room in their budget for a lavish wedding. Even if they would like to have a big “blow out” day with family and friends, it is just out of their range due to other expenses such as student loans and family obligations. Justice of the peace weddings can be the ideal option as you can exchange vows and get married without starting your new life as a couple by going deeper into debt. Sadly, many couples do exactly that: spending thousands of dollars on a wedding they can’t afford. As money is one of the biggest things couples fight about, you could say the wisest decision you could make for your marriage could be to get married by a justice of the peace.

As you can see, many different types of couples choose this type of wedding and for just as many different types of reasons. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you are getting married by a justice of the peace that your wedding is done quickly and without thinking about the importance of the day. Professionals who choose to be justices of the peace understand the significance of what they do and many go to great lengths to make this moment special for the people they legally wed. While your wedding vows may be short and it is a simple ceremony, it is still a profound experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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