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The Female Jazz Singer Knows How to Sing

When listening to jazz, you can expect to get some of the most beautiful sounds. Whether you listen to a male or female, the

Enjoying the Show About a Jazz Singer in Los Angeles

Jazz is a beautiful genre of music, whether you’re unsure about it or if you absolutely love it, then going to see a jazz

Three Events to Book a Jazz Act For

Jazz is known as one of the most engaging and versatile musical forms in existence. The genre is synonymous with fun and creative expression,

Female American Jazz Vocalists That Transformed the Genre

The smooth vocals in a jazz song are what hook you in, winding like velvet through the air. Whether it’s a sultry baritone voice

Why People Dislike American Jazz Singers And How To Cure Them

As with some other musical genres, you either love or hate jazz, and it can be difficult for those who dislike it to listen

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