The Devil in the Details: Exploring Contemporary Art In New York with Nicole Alger


Every great artist draws influences from the world around them. Some of the best are born through thousands of years of rich culture and history. Buddhism and Greek mythology are perfect places to draw creative power. Greek mythology is rife with symbolisms, cultural allusions, and artistic integrity in design and storytelling. It is a rich and complex world, and just a single aspect of that captured on canvas could potentially be brilliant.

Being an artist in classic Greece could have been a viable choice. But being a contemporary artist in New York City is masterfully difficult. The illustrious context of famous artists preceding the present is lost to a new artistic carving their own path in the new fast-paced counter-culture of quick digestion and entertainment.

But art is alive and well in many circles, and some phenomenal artists are fusing realism and abstraction in puzzling but astounding ways. Contemporary Art In New York community enthusiasts are proud to embrace Nicole Alger as a major player in the modern art movement. Her inspirational symbolisms seem handpicked right out of classic Greece, yet she manages to embed realism and an emotional starkness that is unlike anything else in that classic culture.

Prayer II consists of only a handful of interwoven colors, but the shading and brilliance in execution makes it a one of a kind. One of her most popular pieces is Deadala. Perhaps the name of the woman in the image, it features a breathtaking woman standing beside strokes of fire in an extravagant red and orange mixture. It is a captivating piece, and there is a reason that Nicole Alger is a Contemporary Artist in New York that is respected and adored.

The acclaimed artist manages to bring her lively style to multiple areas and genres. She multitasks landscapes, still life, pencil drawings, and portraits for a blend of varying styles that seep all across the map. There is something enchanting about a lot of her work that takes the breath away in a subtle way. Contemporary art is filled with experimentation and odd efforts that establish a small niche. But Nicole seems focused on delivering something grander and more focused. As of now, it is resulting in some of the best art from the Big Apple.


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