The Right Barriers Keep Crowds Safe

When it comes to safety at an event you need the right type of crowd control barriers that effectively keeps spectators where they belong while also keeping them protected. Crowd control barriers are just as much for the crowds as they are for guest speakers or the entertainment at an event. At Gallagher Staging and Productions we have the type of crowd control barriers you need at rental prices you can afford. Our goal is to stop crowds, direct them, and keep them safe. We provide aluminum barricades for this exact purpose. Our barricade systems are made to withstand even the most demanding situations at outdoor and indoor venues. We provide standard units and modular barricade rentals that can be fastened together or used with security gates to ensure quality traffic control. Gallagher barrier rentals make managing a crowd a reality. Our aluminum barricade is also load tested and surpasses international safety regulations.

Rent Our Extremely Strong Carbon Steel Barricades for Ultimate Crowd Control

Are you interested in using bike rack barricades? We offer this type of barricade rental because it’s extremely strong and made from some of the highest quality carbon steel. This gives extraordinary strength and affords full resistance against crowds that are rowdy. Our bike rack barricade rentals are all built to industry standards and ensured to be durable and safe. Just tell us the size, length, and amount of barricades you need and we will get them to you exactly when you need them.

Our Barricade Rentals Are Perfect for the Following Types of Events:

  • Marketing Activations
  • Expos
  • Television and Studio Productions
  • Award Shows
  • Tours
  • Concerts
  • Red Carpet Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Sports Events

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