Understanding the Basics of Photography for Great Headshots

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Arts and Entertainment, Photography

If you want to take the best pictures, there are some things you need to know about your camera.  Photography is more than just picking up a camera, aiming and shooting.  If you want your photos to look professional and multi-dimensional, then you need to consider your aperture. Aperture is the size of the opening of your camera lens when a picture is shot. This is assuming of course that you are using a DSLR camera. When the hole is larger, more light is allowed to come through. An aperture is defined and measured in f-stops.  This is normally referred to as an f-number such as f/22, f/4 and f/2.8.  An f-stop number can be doubled or halved depending on which setting you apply. People that want high quality headshot photos should consider hiring a portrait photographer in Los Angeles. Professional photographers have state of the art photography equipment, so they will be able to get much better shots than what a person could ever hope to take on their own.

Getting the Perfect Headshot

People want great headshot portraits for a variety of reasons. Whether you are trying to build a modeling portfolio, or if you just want a spectacular up close portrait to hang on your wall, you need the services of a reputable headshot photographer like Michael Roud. Anyone can take an up close photo, but if you want high quality work that is unmatched in the LA area, then you will need the services of a photographer that is highly skilled in what they do. The right lighting, clothing, background, and other factors can make all the difference in the world to how well your headshot comes out. Professional photographers utilize photo effects as well, that most amateur photographers don’t have any knowledge of. Most of them will be willing to show previous examples of their work, so it is extremely important to check out what they can do before scheduling a photo shoot.

Wardrobe and Props

Props typically aren’t used in headshots, but they can be if the situation calls for it. Getting the right headshot may take time. It is really important to consult with the photographer before the photo shoot, so that they understand your expectations. They aren’t mind readers, so you will have to clue them in as to what your vision is. A professional photo shoot will usually require several changes of clothing if you want a full portfolio of headshot photos, so you need to be prepared. Backgrounds will most likely be selected the day of the shoot, so having a large wardrobe will help ensure that you get the exact photos that you want, with the right shades of color.


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