Why People Dislike American Jazz Singers And How To Cure Them

As with some other musical genres, you either love or hate jazz, and it can be difficult for those who dislike it to listen to it. However, many people are turning to these American singers because they offer unique sounds and provide more soulful music than other genres. Even though it may seem strange, you may be able to cure those people that dislike the music and turn them into avid listeners.


In most cases, those who dislike or don’t get this musical genre are just afraid of the unknown. This is entirely reasonable with everything in life, but those same people still learned to drive, got jobs, bought a house and did other things in life, so why won’t they try this type of music? The answer may be because some of the choices don’t sit well with musical memory. They haven’t heard it before and, therefore, don’t want to have anything to do with it.


Some believe that American jazz singers only noodle through the music, never ending it so that it seems to go on forever. While some vocalists will do this, it also occurs in other musical genres, such as rock. These people shouldn’t fear the never-ending song but instead focus more on highly-structured music with little to no solos.


Many times, those who listen to this type of music will seem to be conceited or think that they are better than everyone else. While this can happen, especially to those who have been playing for a long time, there are ways around it. You can choose where you listen to your music, so head to the nearest club and sit next to someone. Tell them that you don’t know about the genre and relax together while listening to some great tunes.

Chord Changes

Musical memory plays a significant role in this problem, as well. Because it is unfamiliar and, therefore, unknown, all the various chord changes that occur with jazz can lead to people staying away from it. However, just as with other kinds of music, there are many variations so you can always find something jazzy without a million chord changes.

Where To Start

Still others have a fear of jazzy music because they don’t know where to start. It is a large genre of music that contains so many options, which can turn people away just by the sheer size of it. Therefore, focus on beginner’s options first to see what you like.

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