Tapping Into The Unforgettable Performance

Music and entertainment is an interesting world full of different personalities, artists and musicians. Every musician, entertainer, actor, celebrity and sports star typically have one thing in common: drive. To be an entertainer, a person willing to perform either on stage, on the screen or on the field, takes complete dedication to a craft. Auditions, album releases, training camps, rehearsals, practices and promotion are just some of the aspects of life an entertainer lives from day to day.

Living In The Spotlight
We all have routines that help us get through the day. These days turn to weeks, weeks to months and soon we’re starting over. Out of necessity, these routines change, evolve and take on a new life. An entertainer is no different, but they must do it in the eye of the paparazzi or adhere to a performance and rehearsal schedule. While being a performer is what most kids think about being when they’re young, few actually make it. American Idol and shows like it where contestants compete for a chance to dance professionally are examples of the hundreds if not thousands of young people with dreams of doing what they love for an audience.

Staying Current
It’s not surprising that musicians have great stories to tell, that some of the most memorable stories of sorrow have been sung and not written in a book. Musicians, like actors and athletes, have dedicated themselves to their art form and are now competing at the highest level to stay current. This burden must take a toll on your personal life. Constant examination of yourself can’t be good for your love life. Yet some musicians and entertainers seem to rise above it all and effortlessly reinvent themselves, connect with their audience time and again and perform some of the most moving songs the world has ever heard.

Timeless Songs
Female vocalists can cut men down with their words and empower women all over the world with the same axe. The lasting songs female vocalists have sung over the years have told stories of heartbreak, betrayal, loss, revolution and joy. Every artist has a responsibility to decide what they will share with the world through their performance, but it’s the singers who let their guard down, the ones most vulnerable that we remember and love the most because it is this quality that allows us to connect them. Performers with this ability allow us to express and see ourselves through their performance and emotion. And it is this quality that makes their performances unforgettable.

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