Custom Trade Show Displays For Lasting Impression On Clients

You are appearing at your very first or fifth trade show. You want to make a lasting impression on clients and the competition alike. There is one sure way to achieve this. Abandon basic displays. Instead, opt for custom trade show displays. They are certain to help your company grab the attention it deserves.

What are Displays?

The term “display” refers to different ways of displaying or showing off your company and its product. It is a form of advertising in a public venue. You can choose from a variety of different methods to accomplish this. These include:

1. Table tops – as he name infers this type of displays are intended to be placed on a table. They may be attached using Velcro, wire or any other type of fastener

2. Table covers or throw covers – use of a throw cover consisting of designs, logo or related business specific items

3. Pipe and drape – set-up or contextual frame for display items

4. Pop-up displays – graphic panels that “pop-up when required

5. Banner stands – a single free-standing graphic panel

6. Modular exhibits – components used to create the set for the overall display

7. Booths – portable and can be as simple as a designated table

8. Custom made

What are Custom Exhibit Displays?

Any of all of the above types of display can comprise part of a custom trade show display. Yet, as the word “custom” indicates, this type of display is different in its origin. Custom trade show exhibits are created specifically for an individual company. The design incorporates the needs and addresses the purpose of that company and that company alone. The choice of materials, including fabrics, as well as components – whether wall panels, metal structures, modules and pop-up display units, is based upon consultation between the company and the designers/providers. Together, they create a unique design for the particular trade show in question or to serve as a medium in several exhibits – either locally, nationally or internationally.

Who Purchases Custom Trade Show Displays?

Any company who wishes to create an appealing display can turn to custom-designed trade show displays. Large or small, these businesses can purchase or rent custom trade show displays to use at different shows or exhibits. It is, for them all, a way to successfully compete for the attention of both customers and the competition.

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